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If you open the web client for CRM 2011 for the first time and you get the Mobile client version, the issue is Internet explorer.  IE 11 is not compatible.

And the URL to the compatibility view settings.  Add the organization name and main.aspx after it.
For instance:   http://curtCRM2011Dev:5555/osglab.main.aspx.

You will see the full client afterward.  Don't forget the popup blocker settings as well.   This is supposed to be fixed in a later rollup.  

Remember the CRM server is a meta  data layer to access the SQL data. 

Do NOT attempt to change the SQL data directly unless you REALLY know what your doing and even then you may not.  

And DO NOT delete a user's AD profile if they are a CRM user.   The GUIDS are stored in the CRM tables.

It will be easier to get clean water in Flint than to fix everything that can go wrong afterward.

Curt Spanburgh
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