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Hi all,
Just put up a new 2016 standard server to replace our aging machine.  I installed AAD sync and set only basic settings that I knew existed from checking the basic configuration on the old server but have questions about reviewing the report that the AAD Documenter produces.

In the listed report, there are some values in Green which mean values to create, values in Blue which mean values to be updated and values in Red Strikeout which mean values to be deleted.  From what I have seen, any Green & Blue values appear to relate to the new server and the Red Strikeout appear to releate to the old server.  My understanding is I would need to use the installed AAD Connect program to add the Green values & modify any of the Blue values to match the old server.  Since the Red Strikeout relates to the old server and when the transition is complete, it isn't going to be in the picture any longer so these can be ignored.

Is this correct?
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