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I was screwing with my WRT1900 -- which I totally love, cannot recommend it highly enough -- trying to make my AT&T MicroCell work.  One "maybe" option from AT&T was to turn off the software packet inspection feature of a router's firewall, so I found the "SPI" check boxes and turned 'em off.

The video off the Roku went totally to hell.  Stopped constantly, had to download for a bit for two minutes, then 15 seconds of video.  Horrible.  Turned the SPIs back on and the MicroCell kept running (thank god) and the video problem went away.

Why on earth would asking a router to do LESS... turn off packet inspection ... make it run so terribly?  Love any thoughts. Yes, I'm running the latest firmware on the router.

Thanks for any thoughts.

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Based on that ^ post, it was the MicroCell that reduced the quality of the videos.  My guess is that when you disabled the firewall, it let MicroCell go crazy. Other sites said that SPI on the router actually helps things like Skype & youtube.
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That could be.  My old Microcell had a pass-through option -- which I used because I was too lazy to screw with the firewall -- and as that put the router downstream of the microcell, it definitely affected performance.  One day I'll live near enough to an AT&T tower, ah well.
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