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I installed AADconnect and got an error: "Failed to set single sign on enablement to True"

Failed SSO enablement to TRUE (Mobile).JPG 

Domain is Win2008R2, AADconnect (version 1.1.371.0) installed on member Win2016.
Anybody any ideas ?

Pieter Demeulemeester

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Make sure port 9090 outbound from the server is open explicity.
You may need to remove Azure AD Connect to change the configuration.

It's still in development so log a ticket.

Our most common fault to date is not seeine the hyperlink to put in the On-Premise AD Account.
And have a few different tickets open, but not back to work till the 9th so will be another week before I have more results.

This seems to be the stock answer from O365 support and it helps get a fast response.

"It would be worth if he would open a Support Ticket and provide us with the AAD Connect Logs ( %localappdata%\AADConnect )  and a Network Trace.

There are still some issues to be ironed out with this Feature and this dataset could help the AAD Connect Team to improve the tool"

Document on the feature

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Testing to see if I can reply to this...  Pieter reported a database failure.
May I ask that everyone please populate the first name and last name in your user account profile.  Thanks!
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