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Not to completely derail the topic, but yeah ... you know the phrase "eats like a horse"?  That's more about a horse having less zero will-power, than about eating a lot. (They have even less will-power than I do!)  The boogers will just not stop eating if allowed access to goodies like grain, oats, or apples.  

They also cannot belch. It's physically not possible.  So if a horse eats too much of something that gives him gas, like apples, they can become very sick and even die from the gas.  In theory it goes out the back end, but when there's too much, it's bad news.  

So the answer everyone came up with was 4-6 apples were safe because they had done it. Maybe even a couple dozen would be fine, but no one who had a healthy working horse was willing to experiment to find out how many was too many.  :-)

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I'll never own a horse but thanks for all that info.  I never would have known.
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