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I am running into an issue with Administrative Templates.  Here's the skinny:
I'm on a domain with multiple Windows Server 2012 R2 DCs, which hold the central store.
I am trying to create a GPO that adjusts settings for various computers, including Windows 10 laptops.
The specific Windows 10 settings I am trying to adjust do not show in the GPO.  One example is Administrative Templates --> Windows Components --> Store.  The "Store" settings is not visible.  I have downloaded the administrative templates for Windows 10 and have added them to the central store.  I *think* I have done this correctly, but I welcome any and all counsel.  Help!

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>  I *think* I have done this correctly,

You need to copy over the ADMX store, and at least one language for the ADML files. En-us is a good bet.

Also, be careful which ADM template pack you downloaded. For each version of Win10 there was an update.

If it still does not work as you expect, try this:
- Pick a win10 machine for testing.
- apply a GPO to disable the central store for that particular machine.
- try to edit the setting that you want. If it succeeds --> central store is wrongly configured.  

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