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     Company Info and Support
MR&D News
Announcements, corrections, and the like.
2 2 New newsletter: Shiny New Bo...
by Mark
Steadier State Problems, Solutions and Questions
Mark's free "Steadier State" tool brings the notion of virtual machine snapshots to physical Windows 7 Enterprise/Ultimate and Server 2008 R2 systems. A free download at , SS aims to make life easier for people administering systems used by users who, well, aren't all that invested in keeping the systems up and running. Rolling a system back to a snapshot normally takes only three to four minutes and involves minimal user interaction. Post questions, comments, answers to others' questions here.
63 5 Rollback automatically at eve...
by SamGolf
     Clouds and Virtualization
Skype for Business
... is surprisingly good, considering it's free and comes with O365. Tips? Tricks? Problems? Solutions?
11 3 Missing conversations
by Wes
Microsoft Azure
When it works, it's great. But when it doesn't... post here. Discussion on getting into, getting out of, and prospering with Microsoft's cloud.
159 29 Azure Geo Storage
by wobble_wobble
Amazon Web Services
In the cloud business, it's just a jungle out there... but Amazon's got the biggest jungle. Anything about AWS goes here.
3 2 OpenStack
by wobble_wobble
Hypervisors: Hyper-V, VMWare, VirtualBox...
How did we live without 'em? We don't know, but some days we wonder how we can live WITH 'em. Chat about virtual infrastructure here!
226 36 UEFI vs BIOS
by donoli
SANs, Storage Spaces, the whole "converged" scenarios... you can't have clouds or MACHINE virtualization without STORAGE virtualization.
32 5 DataOn DNS-1600
by Wes
     Operating Systems
Office 365
Questions, answers and insights about everyone's favorite SaaS
211 37 Gmail to O365
by wobble_wobble
Windows Server
... makes the world go round. (Well, a lot of it, anyway). Problems, solutions, questions, speculation...
667 98 NTFS Encryption
by wkasdo
Windows Client
Yes, Virginia, they still DO put real Windows on computers that weight more than a kilogram.
317 43 AMDPPM.SYS high CPU usage on ...
by cj_berlin
Mobile Platforms
What's in YOUR pocket? Discussion on Windows Mobile as well as those two other little-known platforms, iOS and Android. (Hey, in case you haven't heard, Windows Mobile's market share is creeping up on "Other.")
13 3 Recommendations for SMS Gatew...
by donoli
Linux, Anyone?
No? We didn't think so. (OK, sorry, Linux guys, we were just kidding. )
31 7 Conversation topic: Any1 usin...
by cj_berlin
     Other Things That Get Discussed Whether or Not There's a Section for Them
Active Directory
AD from 2000 to modern versions and all things to do with Identity Management
99 18 Happy Birthay AD !
by Wobble_Wibble
Devices and Hardware
Phones, Surfaces, iPads, NVME devices, whatever.
243 30 Surface Pro 4 Revisited
by cspanburgh
PowerShell, Scripting and Other Automation Topics
Mostly because most of us love PowerShell. Share your victories, defeats, advice and questions!
287 48 Combine Results from Two Cmdl...
by meloao
Group Policy
I mean, if Darren Mar-Elia hangs out in your forum, you HAVE to have a GP section, right?
147 23 How to restrict WIRED connect...
by Creacon
Love it or hate it, you know that most of you would never have gotten your "confirm your membership" email without it.
134 28 How best to migrate off Ex200...
by cj_berlin
For when you need to "turn the tables" on your data.
55 15 Web service request data sour...
by cspanburgh
"Hey, these things don't install THEMSELVES, you know!" (Unless you know how.)
40 10 WSUS remote storage
by cj_berlin
... without the 365.
26 9 Outlook 2013 and 2016 crashi...
by cspanburgh
Miscellaneous Tech: Anything That Doesn't Fit Elsewhere
Post here to talk about things in the tech biz that don't fall under the other categories. (Including the tech biz itself.)
499 77 AD Primary Group
by nikolas.e
     Off-Topic Chatter
Anything goes: Talk About Anything
Just keep it civil!
918 123 Delete a Topic
by wobble_wobble
Photography corner
Following in the great tradition of the old forum's famous photo section.
137 24 Snow scene
by donoli
     Meta Stuff
Test Forum... New Members Are Welcome To Try Things Out Here!
But, you know, still be nice.
42 6 TEST2
by downtime
About this forum
Announcements, questions about the forum and suggestions here.
204 24 The forums are up!
by glenn faustino

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